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  • Check-In/Check-Out & Quiet Time
    CHECK-IN time is 1PM. CHECK-OUT time is 11AM. The campground does not offer late check out. ​ QUIET TIME is 11PM-8AM. All children and teenagers must be on their site by quiet time.
  • Pets
    Pets are allowed, however; ALL DOGS ENTERING THE CAMPGROUND MUST HAVE A CURRENT RABIES VACCINATION CERTIFICATE. We do not register dogs at the office. Pets must be on a leash at all times. Pets are not allowed on the pond shore. Pets are not to be left unattended. Excessive barking will be not tolerated. You must pick up any excretion from your pet. The campground reserves the right to request removal of the pet from the campground.
  • Refund Requests
    Refunds are given if the reservation is cancelled at least 10 days prior to the arrival date. The campground retains a $20 service fee for each site cancelled. REFUNDS ARE NOT GIVEN DUE TO WEATHER CONDITIONS. All refund requests must be discussed with the campground management.
  • Vehicle Regulations
    SPEED LIMIT IS 5 MILES PER HOURS ANYWHERE ON CAMPGROUND Anyone caught speeding will have to park at the campground entrance and walk back to their campsite. Anyone driving a gas or electric powered motor vehicle of any kind MUST HAVE A VALID DRIVERS LICENSE AND OBEY SPEEDING LIMIT. All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) are NOT allowed in the campground. Boats can be stored for the winter. Please see manager for details.
  • Campfire Rules
    Fires should not be left unattended at any time, and the height of a campfire should not exceed 2 feet.
  • Garbage & Dump Station
    GARBAGE All household garbage must be deposited in the dumpsters. No heavy trash (gas grills, propane tanks, furniture) is to be dumped here. ​ DUMP STATION The campground dumping station is not to be used between 4:00PM and 6:00AM.
  • Visitor Inquiries
    ALL VISITORS MUST REGISTER AT THE OFFICE. Rates are $5/adult, per day and $10/adult, per night. Transient sites are allowed to have a maximum of 2 overnight guests. Children under the age of 18 are free and must be accompanied by an adult principal.
  • Campsite Boundaries
    Please respect campsite boundaries. Use only established roads and pathways. Obey all "No Trespassing" signs. There is NO PARKING on the pond shore. Campers and visitors using the pond shore may park at the campground entrance. ​NO ONE IS ALLOWED ON THE POND SHORE AFTER DARK. Anyone damaging property will be responsible for all costs. Trees are not to be altered in any way. No nails, cutting, hooks or screws of any kind. The campground will do all cutting. No sub-letting of trailers and/or campsites. Campsites are leased to principals only. Outside refrigerators are prohibited.
  • Accidents, Injuries or Loss
    Management assumes no responsibility for accidents, injuries or loss from any cause. Management reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. Management also reserves the right to evict without refund or recourse anyone whose behavior is considered detrimental to the campground or to fellow campers.
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